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Oct 21, 2012
Billy Kopp Says:
watch this
Apr 5, 2012
joshua clark Says:
the boy got pop
May 16, 2013
Dustin8569 Says:
Sep 25, 2012
91gt306 Says:
Jul 12, 2013
penny moore Says:
#2 was the best hit ever
Jan 1, 2013
twilliams1823 Says:
Any1 notice most were penalties today
Oct 16, 2012
dmcmd81 Says:
outside linebacker DE hybrid
Nov 24, 2012
MrImaturtle Says:
Can i get AIDS with that virus?
Jul 28, 2012
Johnny Stevens Says:
Apr 29, 2013
Maxwell2333 Says:
#2 was definitely pass interference
Nov 20, 2012
jariousw7 Says:
Sep 11, 2012
zTaPoUtz1994 Says:
vid #2... #21 was all like, "catch this biaatch"
Aug 30, 2012
quarterbacktrikshotz Says:
All illegal except for 1 and 6.
Dec 30, 2012
cesar estrada Says:
follow me on instagram ill follow back :)
Aug 4, 2012
codydorsett97 Says:
Number 10 was dirty
Aug 23, 2012
Nicholas Keuilian Says:
@1knight454 It hit the safty in the back bro but it was waaYYYY to close to call that early in the game
Oct 21, 2012
Kyle Fisher Says:
you're thinking of futbal. This is american football.
Oct 6, 2012
d1nzdawgy Says:
Fags wouldn't survive on a league field... No padding or helmets straight smashing
Feb 19, 2013
gilbertluna95 Says:
Oct 7, 2012
Broken Star co. Says:
Nothing of these are legal hits except 7 and 1. You cannot call this biggest hits when all are helmet to helmet contact. Hence the rule for the players' protection.
Sep 4, 2013
SedrinCelis Says:
#2 was pass interference
Jan 13, 2013
TheJordanAwsome Says:
Go Gators and what is the name of the song in the background
Nov 20, 2012
Oh No Says:
Number 1 should have been a flag for targeting...
Nov 30, 2012
IAmOliver13 Says:
too bad number 2 is illegal
Sep 20, 2012
nico pape Says:
holy crap!!! i hit better

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