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Jan 29, 2014
Armoured Rat Says:
would be slightly more believable as a piece of satire if it wasn't made by Advert Man
Dec 28, 2013
Steven Wagner Says:
I don't know what's funnier; the idea of showing this to a football fan, or reading the comments. Seriously, why should anyone waste an electrode of brain-space to care? All the sport does is breed nationalism, and when has that helped the world?
Jan 30, 2014
Stu Mackenzie Says:
"for this year at least... and indeed at most" is a drink spiller.
Apr 3, 2014
Down range film Says:
Has anyone seen Ambassadors here ? I thought it was brilliant - and I bet it will be sold , like the Office . 
Nov 25, 2013
Jason Durai Says:
Football ,football and yes, football 24/7 skysports 
Apr 3, 2014
Michael Perez Says:
So very Sportsball. Watch muchly. :D
Jan 27, 2014
wastingtimecat Says:
At home we call American Football, "sissy ruggby" I think it fits it.
Nov 20, 2013
Boccs Says:
David understands my stance on sports so well... 
Jan 25, 2014
Mitchell van Winsum Says:
Did anyone else notice the "the F word" sign in the background? 0:38
Jan 19, 2014
superbayernhey92 Says:
Jan 18, 2014
FrustratedWhiteMale Says:
Did you see that ludicrous display last night?
Jan 30, 2014
Guillermo Andres Martinez Mendez Says:

May 13, 2012
Davie Marshall Says:
Can't wait until the football sods off. This skit featuring David Mitchell has never been more appropriate.
Aug 18, 2012
Mike Knell Says:
The Olympics are over. Steve Cram and Clare Balding are being put back in hibernation for a couple of years, and as of today it's officially back to normal for UK sports coverage. Remember - inspire a generation! (so long as they find football interesting)
Jan 25, 2013
Pizik Spaeth Says:
I am unable to watch adverts for Football without thinking of this video by Mitchell and Webb.
Nov 3, 2012
Jason Gantenberg Says:
Apr 16, 2013
Danny Hopwood Says:
This pretty much sums up my experience of Football -
Jan 22, 2012
Scott Hammack Says:
This is every social network when there's a football game. (Yes, I realize this is about the other kind of football. It's still applicable.)
Apr 14, 2012
Ramesh Ramloll Says:
Feb 8, 2012
Lincoln Hammond Says:
All of it massively mattering to someone, presumably!
Jul 13, 2011
Dan Gunn Says:
"The Titans will play The Giants, making them both seem regular size" ...funny
Jul 23, 2013
Corby Ziesman Says:
It's gonna moooove!!
May 27, 2012
Orson Morris Says:
Football, Football, Football!
Aug 5, 2011
Dean Haworth Says:
Personally, I'm not really ready for the football season to start back up again. We're only half way through a cracking test series in the cricket, Rovers still haven't released their new shirt (or got a sponsor for that matter) and Fabregas is STILL at Arsenal! I know the Premier League doesn't start until next week but can we please put it off for a bit? I guess I'm going to have to just keep watching this to get me into the football mood!!
Jul 23, 2011
Mario Antonetti Says:
Watch it! Watch the Football! Forever!

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Terrific parody of the non-stop and incessant coverage of football by TV. More

Added Feb 28, 2008  

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