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Nov 29, 2013
Krishanu Saikia Says:
best goals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 6, 2013
AnderssonArad Says:
can someone be more arrogant than Cantona ? 1:05
Apr 15, 2014
سعيد الكعبي Says:
Apr 15, 2014
Angie Roodenburg Says:
pshhh u think thats hard?.....try dealing with a football that has its own mind huh u try communicating with an animal bigger and heavier then u are k now just think what could that be hmmmm welll its a horse u try riding a horse!!!!!!!!
Apr 5, 2014
Valentin Sayar Says:
This vid was uploaded egen i was 3...
Dec 2, 2013
Krishna Modak Says:
Some of these goals defy the laws of physics. 
Jan 8, 2014
MrAbaeterno Says:
video quality is crap. Best goal was cantona
Feb 4, 2014
Carl Taylor Says:
This video needs updating
Dec 7, 2013
VolunteerofCoD Says:
Manu fan, right?
Mar 20, 2014
Bruno Sacomani Says:
Best goals, worst video quality. It's a shame :(
Feb 1, 2014
G Ashish Says:
@EllTorn Good one
Dec 14, 2013
Brandon Davis Says:
It was made in 2007 so people that say where's 2013 look when it's made LOL
Jan 6, 2014
skycrono777 Says:
nice goal but def not the BEST GOALS in history u missing a lot nice goals!!
Mar 3, 2014
Alexandre Couto Says:
B R A Z I L !
Mar 20, 2014
Stevan Ambage Says:
Ibra overhead kick 
Jan 14, 2014
Suopadre Suamadre Says:
Feb 18, 2014
Vanpersie oz Says:
fooball is the best.................................
Jan 7, 2014
Назим Велиев Says:
Follow @nazimo122 on Instagram. Good information
Jan 28, 2014
daniel lopez pastrana garcia Says:
Hugo Sanchez? 
Nov 7, 2013
PranavanMVGC Says:
Please click on this link to help get rid of the new youtube comment system and bringing back the old youtube comments: Copy and paste this comment in any video you watch. Thank You.
Jan 6, 2014
emad Khalaf Says:
Great timing 
Dec 11, 2013
Rasmus Jensen Says:
<3 the resolution.
Nov 30, 2013
Ivan Ramirez Says:
3:00 Zlatan even tricks the camera guy
Jan 31, 2014
moeed khan Says:
Watch this if you like football
Nov 12, 2013
The7Legend Says:
Wow. I remember watching this like 6 years and a couple months ago. I miss the good old days.

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Watch a compilation of the best goals that have been shot. now in better quality More

Added Apr 25, 2007  

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Local Comments 0

Youtube Comments 26536