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Apr 18, 2014
Alex P. Says:
I play football, and I approve this message.
Apr 16, 2014
Voyaging123 Says:
Soccer is like jazz? The great American musical art form?
Apr 13, 2014
zappedzach Says:
Football and soccer actually developed from the same sport and American football changed in some ways and European football changed in different ways thus the similarity in name
Apr 10, 2014
sumukchelseafc1 Says:
Only Americans are stupid enough to think that Handegg is a better sport than Football
Apr 10, 2014
Martin Kirov Says:
You just know that all the dislikes are from stupid baseball loving Yanks.
Feb 11, 2014
RsChrisG Says:
American Football is by far the more entertaining sport to watch, more strategic sport, and more physically demanding sport. Soccer is the most popular sport due to it's age, and exposure, for example India and Japan, two countries with the largest populations of over 1B a pop, have little to no exposure to American Football, and a ton of exposure to Soccer. If you take these 2 countries out of the equation American Football has more fans. 
Apr 6, 2014
Rosetti Gudino Says:
First of all, America is not a country. America is a continent , so people from USA do not call yourselves"Americans" fuck that shit" People from USA are so ignorant.
Mar 28, 2014
gtaclevelandcity Says:
Here is a few facts that a few of you ass-hats like to neglect: 1. Soccer is a term that was invented in England and was considered the proper name for the game for a long time 2. Soccer is short for "association football" which is the full name 3. Soccer is the term not only used in the US, but also in Australia, Canada, and South Africa as well because the term soccer was left behind when the British Empire broke apart.
Feb 5, 2014
Jay WalkZ Says:
My friend says that American football came first before football. I lol so hard at that statement. He says that American football is football because they use their feet when they run. I say no shit everyone uses their feet for walking, might as will call me walking to the store football. he is an idiot.
Mar 4, 2014
Sacha Nathaniel Says:
1 sport is full of idiotic meat heads and the other is full of pansy's falling around
Feb 18, 2014
Zohrab Getikian Says:
Yes, yes, yes. Sorry, I have lived in America for 25 years now, more than half of my life, but this still annoys me. This and the stupid imperial measure system. Come on America, catch up with the rest of the world. 
Feb 14, 2014
Clonetos Says:
I'm gonna go out on a limb and say something, I respect the man I do but this just seems a bit mean spirited. Instead of complaining about American football why not use that energy to praise the football that you DO love. I understand differences between the two and know each has specifics to them that are exclusive to the said sport. But calling people who play the game wimps or Saying football fans are trash is going too far. The reason football players wear protective gear is because of regulations and safety. Now I don't know about you but isn't a sport mainly about fun? So why can't people who play sports have fun and BE safe, I mean you wouldn't say this about say a knight since knights wore protective gear. In the end this is his weakest moment and probably the only time I actually groaned at what he said.
Feb 4, 2014
dimbulb23 Says:
Far more English speakers call it soccer. Not only Americans but Aussies and Canadians call it soccer too. The Australian national team calls themselves the Soccerroos, no less. It's obviously a problem that the English aren't speaking English properly. 
Feb 18, 2014
Frank Estrada Says:
Rant time!
Feb 5, 2014
TheRoomy Says:
The funniest part about all of this is that he has absolutely no clue that the ones who say these things most often are other Americans. He thinks as though nobody's had these ideas before in their entire lives. As if NOBODY has thought about how it's ridiculous that we call one thing Football, and call Football Soccer. REALLY? That's silly?! NO WAY! I'm totally and completely shocked by this fact. In case you hadn't realized, that's called sarcasm. You see, I can sound like a glib, snobby asshole, too. Lol. Yeah, we're all well aware of why Football gets promoted as much as it does, and therefore has become the most popular sport. I am also aware of what "athletes" become when they play Soccer, the true Football. "Oh lord, a feather seems to have lightly grazed by shoulder. Time to explode this blood-bag I've been wearing, leap into the sky as if I was Icarus himself trying to leap into the warm bosom of the sun after my wings had been melted, and fall upon the Earth in a rabid, flailing seizure to try and get a free kick to win the game". Here in America, we call that "cheating". In England, it's called "Football".
Mar 2, 2014
Boston Mccormick Says:
Clease started the fight. Why should Americans take this shit? Fuck Clease. Terry Gilliam THE AMERICAN was the brains behind monty python anyway. 
Feb 10, 2014
Sam Copsey Says:
Handegg. *Throws ball to the ground "WOO! HANDEGG!!"
Feb 21, 2014
Jalfmar3 Says:
Can't really argue with him. Still like ours better, but he makes his points. We're just good at being self-delusional.
Feb 5, 2014
xMusicx Says:
Weird to hear an Englishman complain about the name soccer which was originally what the English named the game. As far thinking, God damn, American football is the epitome of thinking, a true chess match with group's of analysts and coaches trying to outguess each other, studying formations and strengths and weaknesses while the players need to be on their toes and react to a changing situation. Unlike soccer you don't see the big play develop from a mile away, you need to be on your toes at all times or you will get burned. This is the first time I looked at Cleese as an old fart, but I get that this is just a self stroke fest for the English soccer market.
Feb 4, 2014
agentsirus Says:
American Football, or 'Gridiron Football', got it's name because the original version was a hybrid of soccer and rugby using a round ball and the point of the game was to score field goals. Harvard came up with the idea of running with the ball and Joe Heisman came up with the forward pass. People liked this version of the game better but by then too many people, including President Roosevelt, knew the game as 'Football'.
Feb 4, 2014
Joseph Stabenow Says:
"Something completely different," Mmmmm, so good.
Feb 4, 2014
Victoria Mentz Says:
I avoid this rant all together by being a baseball fan. Although it's slower paced that american football, it is all about using your brain, especially if you are the pitcher or catcher. They study where the batter's hot zones are so they avoid those points and what types of pitches are it's weakness. They do this for all the opponents for every team they play during the season. The other players must also know where a hitter is prone to hit the baseball so they are positioned accordingly. If the hitter never hits on the 3rd base line, the third baseman will move towards the outfield by the shortstop, causing a shift. I learn something new everyday with that game and I absolutely love it. 
Mar 5, 2014
Mynnigon Says:
Feb 3, 2014
Rogueish Says:
Don't make me laugh. You honestly believe that football was mad so people could run adverts easy. What a ignorant pessimistic view on life you must have. If you must know american football is a mutated form of rugby that gained popularity in the states long before adverts where a thing. Another thing, why are we comparing TWO ENTIRELY DIFFERENT SPORTS. Football is about team work and football is abut endurance. not sure what i'm defending here I hate both sports. All you proved here is you're another cynical brit that has to pick on american culture for some fucked up reason.
Nov 4, 2013
Mesjasz Says:
No no,those people still use impierial. USA is wonderful, it's like watching a sitcom.

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